10 Hairstyles to Survive a Heat Wave

Nothing beats a French braid, and this relaxed take on the look has us swooning.

Image via Pinterest; Source: LuxyHair

A printed scarf adds a fresh twist to a classic sock bun, and leaves you feeling as fresh as your hairdo looks.

Image via Pinterest; Source: Sacramento Street

Rough up your strands with a sea salt spray to give some grit to this easy bun.

Image via Pinterest; Source: Love In Her Eyes & Flowers in Her Hair

Try blowing out hair with a volumizing spray first, then part on the side and pin for a romantic, easy date night look.

Image via Pinterest; Source: Her Muse

Though crown braids can look intimidating, but tutorials like this one make getting this style as easy as Googling.

Image via Pinterest; Source: Champagne & Pizza

Roll-up buns are great because they look complicated but are so, so not.

Image via Pinterest; Source: Delightfully Tacky

Fishtail braids on their own are cool, but this edgy look takes it to a new level. It works because it’s messy; even if you’re a meticulous braider, rough up your hair by lightly, unevenly tugging on some pieces.

Image via Pinterest; Source: Become Gorgeous

This is a pretty standard rolled ponytail, but a ribbon headband threaded under and then tied around jazzes it up a little (and we could all use a little jazz).

Image via Pinterest; Source: Letters & Pearls

This is our go to style for making a blowout last another day, mostly because it works so well with slightly dirty hair, and frizz just adds to the “sophisticated world traveler” look.

Image via Pinterest; Source: My Showroom Blog

This style’s so Pinterest, and though we’ve yet to see it in the wilds of the real world, we bet you could pull it off. Make two basic braids out of decent-sized sections on either side of your head, then pony it up with the rest of your hair. This would look especially great with highlights, particularly if they’re getting a little streaky. Go forth and show the world you’re living a Pinterest life.

Image via Pinterest; Source: Then Let It Be
article by Rachel Nussbaum
courtesty of http://beautyhigh.com/pinterest-long-hairstyles/#_a5y_p=838772
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