Airbrush and Traditional Makeup: Description and Differences

Full Glam Airbrush Make-up: This service is a Full-Faced Airbrush Makeup Application that

includes everything from airbrushed eye makeup to airbrushed face and neck for the ultimate, flawless

“wow-factor” look that every bride wants. This service includes false lashes which look stunning on and

off film.


Basic Airbrush Make-up: This service includes a traditional eye application, in which our beloved

MAC products are used on the eyes as well as an Airbrushed face and neck. This is a great option if you

want the best of both worlds. The look of this application is a little more subtle as false lashes are not

included, but can always be added!



Traditional Make-up: This service is all “traditional” application, meaning, we use our brushes to

apply the makeup to render your flawless look!

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False Lash Options: We have several options of lashes for you to choose from to fit the look that you

have envisioned for yourself. First, we have a more natural option that can really only be seen in person.

We have our photo-finished lashes that look beautiful in person as well as on camera and then we have

our “dramatic” lashes, these are the “va-voom” lashes that are absolutely stunning in person and on

camera.  We can bring whichever you prefer. Of course, you’ll see the options at your trial and we’ll have

the same ones for your wedding day.


Airbrush vs. Traditional: What’s the difference?? 


Airbrush makeup is phenomenal in the fact that it looks fabulous in person as well as on camera. The

makeup is sprayed on in a cool mist in little pixels, which makes this makeup great for HD media. The

makeup can be as natural or as full coverage as you want and will look as if you have nothing on.

Airbrush makeup application can cover any blemish’s color as well as even out its texture. The

airbrush makeup does not transfer to others when hugging and lasts for at least 15 hours. The airbrush

makeup that we use is top of the line and is water-based, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic which

means it allows your skin breath and does not clog your pores. The airbrush makeup is highly water-

resistant; however, there is an alcohol-based, water-proof option for you if needed.

Traditional makeup is infamously known for the full coverage. We use top of the line products (MAC)

for our clients. For traditional makeup, the makeup lasts at least 8 hours, is full coverage and can

cover any blemish’s color. However, depending on the skin type, the traditional application may

transfer when hugging others. This makeup option is highly water-resistant as well.

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