Event Day Packages:

The Beautiful Bride (And Groom!)

Traditional Bride


  • Traditional Makeup
  • Hair/Updo

Effortless Bride


  • Airbrush Makeup (Basic)
  • Hair/Updo

Exquisite Bride


  • Airbrush Makeup (Full Glam,including Eyelashes)
  • Hair/Updo

Celebrity Bride


  • Airbrush Makeup (Full Glam,including Eyelashes)
  • Hair/Updo
  • Airbrush Tan
  • Swag Bag (MOTIVES Lip Gloss, Mascara, Powder, Bobby Pins, Mini Hair/Updo Spray)

The Groomed Groom


  • Acne Cover
  • Even Skin Tone

A La Carte


Hair Design


Extension Clip-In (not provided)



Traditional (MOTIVES products)


Airbrush, Basic**


Airbrush, Full Glam (w/lashes)**


False Lashes: $15

Bougie Lash Boost


The Extras

Hire your artist for touch-ups during your event


Swag Bag


  • MOTIVES Lip Gloss
  • Black, Water-proof Mascara
  • Powder
  • Bobby Pins
  • Mini Hair Spray


Airbrush Tan, Full Body+


Airbrush Tan, Muscle Contour+


Body Blemish Covering


Glow Up Skin Prep


Tattoo Cover-Ups

Small (2in x 2in or less)


Medium (6in x 6in or less)


Large (7in x 7in or more)


Half back, chest, neck, arm, etc

$100 (min)

†Add $10 for long hair (mid-back), and $20 for extra long hair (top of hips)
*Areas requiring heavy coverage (excessive scars, skin discolorations, etc.), there is an additional charge of $10
** For waterproof airbrush foundation, instead of water-resistant, add $10
+ Must be completed at least 2 days prior to event

In-Studio Services:

Looking for the most economical option? Have your hair and makeup services done at our NEW in-house studio!

  • No travel fees!
  • Reduce the stress of getting into your venue early!

Please visit our CONTACT PAGE to schedule a trial and check availability!