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Welcome back to Brush Class, beauties! Today we’re taking it a step further and showing you which brush to use for all the different finds of complexion products. And the new brushes out there now are what I’m most excited about! I can’t even begin to tell you how far face brushes have come since I went to makeup school back in 2003. We applied foundation (which only came in two forms, liquid and cream) with a sponge! So come with me on this journey as I simplify everything for you and open your world to the next generation of brushes! 

BB CREAM: Instead of a regular foundation brush, use a Light Coverage Foundation Brush because BB Creams look gorgeous when you apply them in layers, and this brush is designed to layer thinly instead of depositing a lot at once.

CREAM FOUNDATION: You’re going to DIE for this type of brush. It’s my new favorite thing ever and it makes me so happy!! It’s a hybrid between a Buffing Brush and a traditional Foundation Brush but its shape and dense head really press the foundation into the skin when you swirl it in circles across your face and neck.

LIQUID FOUNDATION: Most of us use a typical Foundation Brush for Liquid Foundation and can continue to do so if you want really full coverage. But if you don’t want anyone to see that you’re wearing foundation, invest in the BECCA The One Perfecting Brush because it’s designed so the product sits on top of the bristles instead of absorbing it, allowing you to deposit it more evenly without wasting it. And the long design makes contouring  areas so-o easy.

POWDER FOUNDATION: I used to use a fluffy powder brush to apply powder foundation until I discovered the buffing power of a kabuki brush!

SPRAY FOUNDATION: You can use a Spray Foundation in two ways. You can spray it directly from the can or you can spray it in the palm of your cupped hand, swirl the Blurring Brush over it then swirl it all over the face and neck. A Blurring Brush works with liquid foundation as well and gives the most beautiful airbrushed finish of all the brushes.

BRONZE/HIGHLIGHT/BLUSH: Wait until you get your hands on this uber-wide fan brush and get into the habit of gently grazing your cheek products with it!

**Please keep in mind that these are just our preferences and we welcome your constructive comments on your preferences below. We’re just so excited about the evolution of face brushes that we wanted to introduce them to you if you haven’t discovered them already. We know they are pricey so if you know of less expensive alternatives, please share them as well! What I did when building my kit was invest in one new brush a month, knowing that they last for at least a decade (some a lifetime if you take care of them properly!). But you could build your arsenal even more slowly with a new one every few months.

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