Save Your Mascara


  • *Your Favorite Mascara
  • *Re-Wetting Drops- I used Opti-Free Re-Wetting Drops but you can use whatever brand you like. Don’t use traditional Visine or a redness-reducing formula. That’s not the goal here. It’s about adding moisture back with a product that is formulated to do that and be safe to use on your eyes.


1. Remove the wand. Add about 10 drips of the re-wetting liquid into the opening of the tube.

2. Return the wand and give it a little shake.

  3. Untwist the wand, pull it about 1/4 of the way out and gently swirl it around against the inside of the tube. Be gentle with this, though! You don’t want to damage the bristles.

That’s it! You’ll be so happy that your mascara isn’t dried out of clumpy anymore and feels brand new again!

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